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Bullipedia, the encyclopedia on gastronomic restoration, is the result of the research project with the Sapiens methodology on western gastronomic restoration. This project started in 2014 at elBulliLab.

It takes place in more than 30 books of 500 pages in an encyclopedic format, with works that have their own entity, that are specific and specialized and others that are part of a transversal collection that allow a more holistic understanding of the subject.

Includes monographic books about history, cooking styles, cooking techniques, products (elaborated and unprocessed), drinks (wines, cocktails, etc.) and also innovation and entrepreneurship. The target audience for the project are professionals in the catering and hospitality industry, but also foodies, historians, and art and design lovers.

As a sign of the growing importance of knowledge, large companies are increasingly betting on generate and offer knowledge, in addition to offering products and services. Projects have been promoted around coffee, with Lavazza, the cocktail bar, with Bacardi, to wine, with Vila Viniteca, to unprocessed products, with Aigües de Vilajuïga, with tomato, with Fitó seeds, and chocolate, with Xocolata Jolonch.

Lavazza bet from the beginning on the elBullifoundation project, giving support as an angel of the foundation. The alliance also involved the collaboration of its R&D center in the development of the Coffee sapiens, an investigation about the whole world of coffee applying the Sapiens methodology, which gave rise to the book Coffee Sapiens, within the Bullipedia.