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elBulli1846 is a exhibition lab in which we study, research and experiment to generate knowledge related to efficiency in innovation, both basic and applied, with the Sapiens methodology. With a special focus on SMEs, we will use the exhibitions as a working tool.

For this, they will be carried out different calls, for specified periods. In each of them, a different team will be selected based on their investigative attitude and creative talent. In each call, a "great" topic of study will be studied in depth, which will be global for the entire team and will always be contextualized within the framework of creativity and innovation. This main theme will be combined with secondary personalized themes, which will be assigned to each of the team members and will be developed individually.

The results generated in each call will be shared through different formats.

La exposure which can be seen in Cala Montjoi, which is a project in continuous work in progress, will be centered on elBullirestaurante. It will allow visitors to the center to reflect on management, innovation, connected knowledge and education, and will in turn serve as a working tool for the teams that are part of each of the calls. This double function will give meaning to the concept of the exhibition lab, in which everything will be in constant evolution, allowing each day to be different from all the others.