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What is Sapiens?

Sapiens is a methodology with a holistic and historical vision based on systems thinking, which considers that everything is connected.

At the same time, Sapiens is a research tool that can be applied anywhere where there is knowledge, and that helps to organize and connect this knowledge or generate new knowledge.

How did Sapiens come about?

Sapiens was born from the need to organize and order our own questions and, in this way, facilitate the understanding of the world of gastronomy. It was later when we considered that it could be a methodology with a transversal vocation, applicable to other disciplines.

What is?

Sapiens has the objective of understanding a question as complex as reality. Understanding is the basic component that allows us to develop any activity, giving it meaning, analyzing it and allowing its better development. Without understanding we would be automatons with a limited capacity to decide. In addition, having connected information on a subject in question increases the capacity for innovation and allows us to be more creative and decisive in our day to day.

Who can use this methodology?

The Sapiens methodology can be used by any organization or person, whether at a professional level or a private level, who wishes to understand and generate knowledge about an object of study of interest, with a defined purpose.

Despite this, the methodology is designed especially for the world of education and the business world, understanding as such the economy, business and organizations, especially SMEs.

Where can I use this methodology?

You can buy the book on the website of, store where you can buy all the volumes of Bullipedia, among others

Can I apply the methods in any order?

We believe that it is better to start with the lexical method, followed by the classificatory and the comparative. Then, with the systemic method, the knowledge obtained with definitions, classifications and comparisons will be further developed.

Finally, we would apply the historical method when the other methods have already been developed since this will allow us to apply the historical perspective to all the knowledge generated with all the other methods. However, this order of application is a flexible proposal. Depending on the project, the order can be modified or some methods can be worked in parallel.

Can I use Sapiens and other study methodologies at the same time?

Sapiens is a research and study methodology that can be applied to any field of study and that helps to organize and connect existing knowledge, generating new knowledge. This application is fully compatible with the application of other research and study methodologies.

How do the Principles influence the application of the methodology?

The principles represent the philosophy behind the application of Sapiens. They are general recommendations, adaptable to each situation, about the attitude and point of view that we believe is good to maintain throughout the research work, because it will help understanding.

In the Sapiens principles there is a balance between two aspects: on the one hand, there is an expansive will, an open mind, a predisposition to develop the imagination, and on the other, a will to specify, with rigor and realism.

What results can I get by applying Sapiens?

The application of Sapiens to an object of study generates a concrete result that can be a physical or digital file, academic works, educational material, content in different formats such as books or exhibitions, reports for company projects, an organization and operation audit , of experience or of creation and innovation, or the generation of new creative ideas that can be transformed into innovations.

The ultimate goal of applying the methodology can be simply to manage information and knowledge or to learn, but it can also be to educate, communicate, improve quality and efficiency, and even create and innovate. An in-depth understanding of the topic is the foundation from which to work to achieve these results.

Does Sapiens serve to create and innovate?

The main objective of Sapiens is to help understand any field or object of study. The initial and essential basis to create and innovate is to understand this creation and innovation, so that, although it is not the final objective of the methodology, its application will generate an in-depth understanding of the subject that is the basis from the which can be created and innovated.

How can I go deeper into the Sapiens methodology?

In addition to all the content on this website, you can purchase the book “Connecting knowledge. Sapiens Methodology ”. The book is a volume in the Bullipedia collection that explains, over more than 500 pages, the methodology created by elBullifoundation including all the details about its origins, the references that have inspired it and its practical application.

Where can I buy the Sapiens book?

You can buy the book directly from this Sapiens websiteIt is also available directly at, a store where all the volumes of Bullipedia can be purchased.

Is there a digital version of the book?

At the moment, the book has been published only on paper.

In what languages ​​is the book available?

Initially, the book Sapiens is available in Catalan and Spanish. And soon, it will also be available in English.

How can I apply this methodology in my company?

Sapiens can be applied in any project that you want to develop in the company. It is especially indicated for initial phases of projects, in which a study and research process is required, which leads us to a better understanding of what we are going to work on. This will undoubtedly contribute to a better planning and subsequent development and execution of the project.

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Classification method
Comparative method
Systemic method
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