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Prodigioso Volcán structures his works with the Sapiens methodology, which helps to address processes of change and transformation complexes as well as working on generating solutions and managing innovation in an organization.

Following the Sapiens philosophy, organizations are encouraged to reflect on each step or decision they make, and knowledge connected with first phase dedicated to understanding, which implies exploring, knowing, investigating and understanding.

El first step is discovery, a stage of analysis that focuses on knowing what is happening at the moment to understand the current scenario, being permeable and connecting with life through the senses.

El second step is the diagnosis, a synthesis stage in which the information is ordered and classified to align it with the previously defined objectives, and the results are transformed into forecasts, opportunities and plans.

La understanding phase moving to a creation phase, which includes conceptualization and design, and finally to an innovation phase, which includes implementation and evolution. The process ends with the application of creative auditing, which is part of the Sapiens methodology.

La creative audit is a tool for value the creative process carried out with clients. It involves evaluating the suitability of the project to the challenges, as well as the strengths and weaknesses. It is a different way of completing the work that allows you to learn the good and not repeat mistakes in the future.